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So, is it Phoebe or Harriet?  

Well, my full name is Harriet Emma Phoebe Smith. 

Phoebe is a family name, passed down to each first-born female child. So, when starting this new venture, I chose to use the name feeling like I have those generations of women behind me. I’m happy to be called either! 

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Why did you decide to be a celebrant?  

I have spent my life working in performing arts as a performer, director, writer, project manager and teacher. I LOVE to be creative and I like nothing more than captivating an audience, taking them on an emotional journey.  

I’m always so excited when I meet my couples to work with them to build and choreograph the most perfect unique magical ceremony.  

Nothing makes me happier than making people smile! I have worn many different hats throughout my career, this particular one combines so many of the best bits. Weaving peoples love stories into beautiful, funny scripts. My aim is to make the ceremony the centre of the wedding. Use of voice and presence I think is key when delivering a ceremony, us actors have all the skills needed to be vocally charismatic varying pitch and tone, with creative timing knowing where and when to use pace and pause, to lift a room or give a moment reverence. 

I have spent 17 years teaching drama in secondary school, building confidence in students is at the heart of my practice. If my couples feel unsure or insecure about being the centre of attention or worried about writing and saying their own personal vows, I can help to develop their confidence, there’s nothing worse than being worried about a moment that should feel special.  


What kind of celebrant are you?  

I’m an independent celebrant, this means we have no limitations! Any content you would like for your ceremony we can do, mixing religions and traditions is fine with me. Throw the rule book out and make something that is as unique as you!  

Be aware there are many celebrants out there and we are all different – it’s important to do your research and find a celebrant that fits you as a couple. 


Where are you based? 

I live on the Essex Suffolk borders surrounded by beautiful ‘Constable country’. I’m happy to travel.  Although in this area of outstanding beauty there are bountiful beautiful barn venues, manor houses and secluded woodland areas for intimate personal celebrant led weddings.  

Remember the venue does not need to be licenced.  

How does it work?  

If you are interested in a celebrant led ceremony, I’m happy to chat in short zoom meeting, we can see if we ‘click!’ dates availability and venue ideas discussed.  

Then we will have either a longer zoom meeting or if possible, meet face to face, we then really get to know each other. I will ask about your history as a couple and what your hopes and dreams for your marriage and your day are, any symbolic elements you might like or key moment you might like, people you would like to involve. If you have no ideas, we can put our heads together! I will also set you some homework, in the form of a questionnaire.  

Using all this marvellous material I will weave a personalised ceremony that will completely reflect you and everyone will remember for years to come…  

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