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Ceremonies woven with love...

Loving Couple

Vow renewals

Take time to to remind each other what you mean to each other and what your marriage means to you...

Maybe you didn't do it the way you wanted the first time around. 

You can enjoy a beautiful bespoke vow renewal, telling your story to this point with personalised vows, perhaps a unity ceremony element, surrounded by your family and friends who ... 

Or perhaps this is a moment just for you, an intimate elopement in a beautiful special place of your choosing... Using a celebrant means the choices are endless and of course unique, just like you... 

Wedding packages apply

Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies

“What's in a name?” Juliet once asked this question although a rose would smell as sweet called something else but we attached a lot to names.

A child entering the world is given a name specially selected by meaning or tradition, taking a moment to celebrate this life in a celebration can be a joyous event. If you are not religious this can be a wonderful opportunity for chosen guide parents to be included.

However, we can change our name at any point in our life….

Celebrate a new you… a new life… These key moments we share with our friends and family can be celebrated in any way you choose.

Prices start from £300 

Beach Sunset

Celebration of life....

When someone takes their last sunset, we are left with  the shape they have created in this world, the lives touched, the legacy.


Taking time to remember their life either at the time of the funeral, cremation or at a later date in a memorial can be an important part of the grieving process.

We can create a beautiful celebration of their life to truly reflect who they were and how they lived.

Prices start from £400

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